Hagio Moto's They Were 11! (Juuichinin Iru!)


With the discovery of warp-navigation, the inhabitants of Terra-Earth have expanded into space
for several centuries.
Numerous planet nations have emerged as a result.
In the process of expansion, humans met inhabitants of other systems, such as Sava and Seguru. After many cycles of war and peace, the various planet nations signed the Interstellar Alliance Treaty. At long last, peaceful coexistance in space has been achieved.
Cosmo Academy. Established 120 years ago to usher in the new era. This elite institution contains the finest space science facilities and exists to educate the leaders of the future.
The graduates are promised elite positions in their society. From Terra, Sava, Seguru, and other stellar nations have gathered aspiring applicants....

The applicants leave for their final test in groups of ten. But when Tada's group arrives on the Esperanza, they are horrified to discover an eleventh member. Which of them is the eleventh member, and what is his purpose? The following information and character descriptions pertain to the anime. Some names differ from the anime to the manga, so I will be writing a comparison of the anime and the manga. The comparison will contain spoilers for both versions!

They Were 11! Quick Character Guide
Who is the eleventh....?

Tadatos Lane [Tada]
Race: Terran
Planet: Sibberies
Seiyuu: Kamiya Akira
(Mendou Shuutarou, Urusei Yatsura | Saeba Ryo, City Hunter | Ashram, Record of Lodoss War)
Orphaned at an early age, Tada was raised by the Elder of his Village, who helped him to develop his telepathic abilities. The Elder also encouraged Tada to apply to Cosmo Academy. Tada dreams of becoming a space pilot. Although Tada is a legitimate applicant, the others are suspicious of his telepathy.

Frolbericheri Frol [Frol]
Planet: Vene
Seiyuu: Kawai Michiko
Hailing from an unalligned planet-nation, Frol's small, delicate body and pretty golden curls belie indelicate speech and a fiery temper.

King Mayan Baceska [King]
Race: Savan
Planet: Aritosca Le
Seiyuu: Tanaka Hideyuki
Tall, silver-haired and arrogant, the young King quickly assumes a role of leadership during the final test. His honor is at stake, and he has no intentions of failing. He is immediately suspicious of Tada's telepathy.

Doricas Soldam IV [Fourth]
Race: Savan
Planet: Aritosca La
Seiyuu: Furukawa Toshio
(Moroboshi Ataru, Urusei Yatsura | Shinohara Asuma, Patlabor | Hawkseye, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SuperS)
Fourth is a Savan aristocrat who believes in the superiority of the Savan race over the less cultured Terrans. His actions are often brash and impulsive, but he will follow King without question.

Ganigas Gagtos [Ganga]
Race: Savan
Planet: Toledolega
Seiyuu: Genda Tessho
Ganga is muscular and robust, with a friendly disposition. Ganga often mediates disputes between other team members.

Amazon Carnais [Amazon]
Race: Terran
Planet: Shushu
Seiyuu: Suzuoki Hirotaka
Hailing from a planet of hunter-warriors, Amazon's body is covered with a thick interlace of terrific scars. If accepted, Amazon plans to study engineering at the Academy.

Vidmenir Knume [Knu]
Planet: Vidknu
Seiyuu: Wakamoto Noriaki
Tall and covered with thick reptilian scales, Knu provides a cool voice of reason when hotter heads prevail.

Glenn Groff [Thickhead]
Race: Seguran
Planet: Ashwhite
Seiyuu: Ikemizu Michihiro
Stout, with pale skin and a thick bony skull, Thickhead is an enthusiastic worker and volunteer.

Dolph Tasta [Rednose]
Race: Terran
Planet: Peroma
Seiyuu: Shioya Kouzou
Rednose has a round body, with curly red hair, and an even redder nose. Quiet and ingratiating, Rednose tries to preserve the peace when he's not following the crowd.

Toto Ni [Toto]
Race: Savan
Planet: Mis
Seiyuu: TARAKO
A timid, diminuitive Savan, Toto is strongly empathic. He also has an affinity for vegetation and can often be found in the ship's botanical gardens.

Chako Kacka [Chako]
Race: Terran
Planet: Ques
Seiyuu: Kashiwakura Tsutomu
Chako, although Terran, is an opportunist, and will side with the Savans when it suits him. He has some knowledge of 21st century Terran art.

There have been applicants to the new Cosmo Space Academy.

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